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Wedding Party Eye Makeup – Photo Tutorial

Wedding Party Eye Makeup – Photo Tutorial
Wedding Party Eye Makeup – Photo Tutorial
So, today, I’m going to do an eye makeup tutorial, which was requested by Sameeha. She is attending a friend’s wedding and asked me to do a look, which has Bright Gold in the inner corners, Bronze and Aqua Blue on the lid, and a Matte Dark Brown in the outer V. So, I came up with a look according to that.

Here is the tutorial for that:

Step 1: Prime your lids using an eyeshadow primer. I also used concealer as a base.

Step 2: First apply a bright Metallic Gold eyeshadow to the inner corners.

Step 3: Next apply a Metallic Bronze colour up to half of the lid.

Step 4: Then, take a Shimmery Aqua Blue colour and apply it next to the Bronze colour. Do not take it up to the end of the lid. Leave some space for the Matte Brown outer V colour.

Step 5: Next, take a Matte Dark Brown colour and apply it to the outer V and blend it out. If you want more definition, then take some more of that Matte Brown shadow on the blending brush and blend it in to the crease.

Step 6: Now, take the same Matte Dark Brown shadow and apply it to the lower lash line and take it all the way up to the inner corner. If you are not comfortable with that, just stop it halfway and apply the Gold shadow to the rest.

Step 7: Apply a black liquid/gel liner, kohl and two to three coats of mascara to finish the look.

So, this was the look I did based on her description and how she wanted it. But, I was really not satisfied with how it turned out. So, I did another look with same colours, but used them on different places. This is what I came up with:

Some simple steps to show what I changed..

I skipped the Aqua Blue colour on the lid and filled that space with the Bronze shadow. I kept the outer V and lower lash line colour same, but made it a bit more subtle. Then, I took the Aqua Blue colour and applied it to the inner part of lower lash line.

I skipped the liner too. Applied 3-4 coats of volumising mascara instead. So, this is the finished look..

I quite liked the second one because it looks more subtle, is simple to do, and is apt for a day wedding. Also, the Aqua Blue did not clash and dominate the Bronze and Brown on the lid. Apply a Peachy/Orangey lipstick, Peach-toned blush and your look is finished.

Products used:
1) too faced shadow insurance.
2) oriflame dual skin corrector “medium” (as base)
3) Ben nye eyeshadow “Aztec gold”
4) Metallic Bronze eyeshadow from coastal scents metal mania palette.
5) Oriflame very me eyeshadow in “Lovely” (aqua blue shade)
6) Ben nye eyeshadow in “Brown” and “black brown” (mixed both)
7) Ben nye eyeshadow “Banana” (on browbone)
7) Ambika pillai liquid liner for the first look.
8) Oriflame lash explosion mascara.
9) MAC “Smolder” eye kohl.
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