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How To Cure Brittle Nails

How To Cure Brittle Nails :
Are you having brittle nails ? Then it means you are having signs of nutrition deficiency. Having weak fingernails and toenails are symptoms of brittle nails. Having brittle nails causes the nail to chip, crack, split and break off easily, which may, at times, cause injury to the nail bed.

Having brittle nails may also result in permanent damage to the nails or stunted nail growth. It is not a matter that only old age people should have brittle nails, people of any age can have brittle nail. Following the simple steps can cure and prevent you from having brittle nails.

Apply moisture
If your nails do not have the enough moisture it should get, then your nails will tend to become dry and brittle. To add up moisture to your nails, add a capillary layer of petroleum jelly on a daily basis.

Trim your nails :
Longer the nails you have, the tendency for it to break is high. Trimming your nails and manicured will reduce brittleness.

Soak your nails :
Soak your nails in a bowl of almond oil or olive oil every few days to add moisture, this will keep your nails soft and supple
Use Biotin as a supplement.
Studies show that using biotin helps in curing brittle nails. The recommended dosage is 2.5 milligrams per day. You need to wait for three months to see symptomatic improvement.

Practice good nutrition
Studies have shown that adequate vitamin C, pyridoxine, and iron levels help to prevent the appearance of dry, brittle nails.

Wear gloves
Wear gloves when you are near any harsh chemicals.

The Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown can sometimes be a painful condition which arises from the improper cutting of the toenails. This can grow into the nail folds and cause redness, swelling and painful toes.

This nail care problem can be treated and avoided by ensuring that you are not trimming your toenails too short or down the sides. Professional nail experts explain that it is better to stick to the natural alignment of the nail when trimming or cutting.

D.I.Y. Foot Care
Ingrown toenails, if caught early, can be treated at home without ever visiting a doctor. If you notice a slight pain and see that your nail is starting to grow into the skin along the side, you can take action to relieve the pain and attempt to avoid infection. Try soaking your affected foot in warm salt water for 20 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day, to relieve discomfort.

To prevent the nail from settling back into the skin, you can try to relieve the pressure by placing a piece of a dry cotton under the semi-ingrown corner of the nail. You can also use antibiotic cream on the irritated area - this can help prevent infection.

If the pain persists or seems to be getting worse, contact a doctor ASAP.
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