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Looking Beauty with Easy Face Makeup Tricks

Looking Beauty with Easy Face Makeup Tricks
Looking Beauty with Easy Face Makeup Tricks
No more reason alone can not wear makeup now. Follow these seven simple steps, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of makeup in the salon. This is the easy trick and very easy to follow, even for beginners.

YOU MUST HAVE: 5 Magic Wand
Prepare 5 different ‘magic wand’ or brush that must always be available in your makeup box. Makeup experts believe that quality begins with the perfect makeup brush it uses. Avoid the use of brushes that have strands of hair that fall off easily.
  • 1. Brush confounding.
  • 2. a. Brush for thick eyebrows
  • b. Brush to form a thin eyebrows
  • 3. Eyeliner brush.
  • 4. Lip brush.
  • 5. Blush brush.
1/ Use a very light foundation on the skin, according to skin color, then clap the powder. Apply a moisturizer or eye cream on the eyelid before the makeup, for the color of eye shadow to stick to more subtle and long.I think the best of these products actually cream morning and night. If you want to whiten the skin you can wearing Dermawhite from Clinique. The usual series of Clinique products are very good for sensitive-skinned people.

2/ With a sponge brush, peel dark brown eye shadow, from outer corner of the eye inward. Greed with a brush for confounding, the entire eyelid, until you see shades of brown evenly.

3/ Frames upper eyelids with eyeliner or pencil for beginners. As your eyes look visible dimension, give highlights. Natural makeup can use white or off white color on the brow bone. I like the gold eyeshadow, copper and baby pink and Plush Lash mascara from MAC and Beaute de Kose Eye Fantastic. To Eyeliner by Alfons viva good local brand, but I like also Yves Saint Laurent  Automatic Eyeliner in Black, if for the party, it’s very dramatic black color

4/ To reinforce the eyes, jaws eyelashes, false eyelashes and paste each of strand rare for natural makeup, applying mascara and dark trim.

5/ Shape eyebrows with brow comb, if you have thick eyebrows. For thin eyebrows, shape and shading using a pencil or a brush that has been spiked with dark eyeshadow.

6 /Select blush according to skin color. Wipe down with a brush from the ear to the sphere’s cheek, then drag it slightly.

7/ End the makeup by applying a natural color lipstick using a brush. Add gloss clear for fresh impression.


* Use a concealer to disguise the deficiencies in the eyes, like dark colors on dark circles. Apply by gently patted. Do not rub, because these areas have sensitive skin.
* Usually, a few cosmetic use eye shadow base to refine the application of eye shadow. However, for beginners just use moisturizer or eye cream. Formula gentle eye cream blush to blend colors more soft and natural.
* Add white eyeliner on the bottom of the inner eye to give the impression of larger eyes and shining.
* Avoid using a matte lipstick type, if the skin is dry lips. We recommend that you seal the lips with lip balm and lipstick using a brush to apply a more equitable result.
* For the evening event, use false eyelashes with strands that more meetings and longer to create the impression glamorous.


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