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Crackle Nail Art Trend For Easy Nail Designs

Crackle Nail Art Trend For Easy Nail Designs
Crackle Nail Art Trend For Easy Nail Designs
you are one of those who love to keep up with latest fashion trends, then don’t forget to try out “Crackle Nail Art.” Crackle nail art is the hottest nail trend that draw a lot of attention to hands.

This is the newest and easiest nail art trend that you can easily do at home and it is fairly quick as well. Crackle nail art trend uses a special nail polish that gives a textured, crackled effect. This is the nail polish every woman would like to try at least once.

Nowadays, lots of celebrities can be seen wearing these gorgeous nail designs in every color you can imagine. Popular stars like Katy Perry and Serena Williams even introduced crackle nail polishes in collaboration with beauty brand OPI. The crackle effect has become very popular in modern nail art among fashionistas all over the world.

The best thing about a crackle nail polish that it can be used in conjunction with other nail polish colors for lots of killer designs. It looks awesome on both long and short nails. Crackle nail polish is great for those who want to look more trendy and fashionable.

There are four steps to get perfect shattered effect on nails:
  •     Choose a base color for nails.
  •     Wait for base color to dry completely.
  •     After the base coat gets dry, apply crackle polish on top of base color and see how amazing cracks are forming.
  •     Last step is to seal it with a clear topcoat for making nails pop.
It is said that you should choose a contrast base color with your crackle nail polish for best results. There are a lots of different colors and shades of crackle nail polish available in market. You can wear green, red, turquoise, purple, or pink base colors to make the crackles stand out.

Depending on what polish color you choose to use as base color, you can create looks from funky to sophisticated. It creates a different design each time when it is applied. Not only you can create colorful nail designs, but you can even layer it over glitters for a more eye-catching look.

Crackle nail polish trend has become all the rage for fingertips and toes. Team it with your favorite dress and get ready to hear nice complements on your ultimate choice.

This trend is just getting more and more popular, so don’t wait and give your nails an edgy yet fabulous look with high quality crackle nail polish. It will add a fresh and magical twist to your regular manicure.

Source: fashionfame.com


{ AmandaOpp } at: May 19, 2014 at 6:38 AM said...

I really love the variety of color combinations you show here for crackle polish! I have a guide on how to apply it but don't have as many great pictures as you! Nice job!


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