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How to Strengthen Your Nails

How to Strengthen Your Nails
How to Strengthen Your Nails
Fragile nails are one of the most common problems women of all ages have to face. While genetics can be partially blamed for this problem there are other factors influence the way our nails look even more. Fortunately there are plenty solutions to help us deal with this problem effectively.

Exposure to harsh chemicals, using an acetone based nail remover or a strong long lasting nail polish, certain illnesses, a diet deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, extreme whether conditions are all factors that can influence the way our nails look. Genetics also plays a role but our habits have the highest influence on the way our nails look. An inappropriate care routine can be disastrous for our nails and that's why it's important to learn how to take care of our nails properly. Here's what you can do to strengthen your fingernails:
Avoid getting acrylic nails and stop biting your nails. Although acrylic nails are super trendy, they are also the surest way to damage your nails and make them even more fragile. Moreover, if they are improperly applied you are at the risk of developing fungal infections, not to mention the fact that they can break very easily. If you truly want to have long healthy nails naturally you should try to make a real effort and give up the habit of biting your nails.

Also, avoid using an acetone based nail polish remover and never file your nails when they are wet as they will tend to split even more. Protect your hands whenever you are using harsh chemicals around the house. Wear protective gloves whenever you get ready to tackle a major cleaning project at home and avoid keeping your nails in water for long periods of time.

Although we have become accustomed to treat beauty related problems from the outside, we should keep in mind that the causes of most problems are also internal. Our nails need high quality proteins and minerals in order to be healthy. Generally insufficient amounts of vitamin A and calcium are the main reason why nails become brittle and dry. Calcium should be taken with vitamin D in order to ensure a proper absorption.

A lack of protein, vitamin C and hyrochloric acid can cause splitting nails. Another essential nutrient for treating fragile nails is biotin which is basically the most important vitamin from the vitamin B complex. Eggs, soy, oats or fish are wonderful sources of biotin. Dietary supplements are also an optimal solution.
Keep your nails trimmed short to prevent breakage. You should also avoid using your nails as tools as this is one of the most common reasons why nails split so quickly.

Keep an emery board near you wherever you go and whenever you spot a minor breakage, file the nail to prevent further damage.

In order to stimulate nail growth try massaging your nails regularly. Massage stimulates the blood flow helping the nails grow faster. Also, don't forget that one of the major reasons why the nails become dry and brittle is lack of moisture so don't forget to drink enough water on a daily basis.

Conventional nail strengtheners available as well as certain nail creams with special formulas for fragile nails can really help ameliorate the problem. If however you would prefer to go natural when it comes to nail care you can try applying a mixture of lemon juice and honey on the nails regularly. Another option is soaking your fingernails in argan oil every day. In combination with lemon juice argan oil can help restore the natural healthy shine of the nails so use it with confidence.
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