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How to Style a Top Knot

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How to Style a Top Knot
Effortless, carefree, stylish, flirtatious, chic and cool are just a few words that can describe a super-high bun. Learn how to style a top knot and get ready to sport this go-to style on different occasions adding drama to day or evening.

When it comes to creating a special, effortless, comfy, yet off-duty stylish 'do, the easy and quick top knot is the answer. Perfect for hot summer days, this versatile hairstyle is suitable for any hair type. Besides, the top knot is an instant too-cool fix when facing a bad hair day. Moreover, even though the super-high bun hairstyle might look rather laid-back and messy, it can transform your look from day to night. When matched with a fun hair accessory, top knots are playful and can make a statement.

Whatever your style is, never aim for perfection, but choose instead a slightly loose version in order to add a fresh, rebellious flair. Think flyaways that gently frame the face for a glam vibe. Curly hair? No problem, as top knots look incredibly chic and nonchalant on beautiful curls, messy, yet dressy in the same time. The simple top knot is the saving ticket for girls who are always on the run.

When choosing a top knot, remember to make it wearable and soft by pulling it loosely off the face and avoiding the too-tight-to-the-head version. A perfect knot starts with a perfect ponytail. Therefore, scoop hair up in a pony onto the top of your head and secure it using an elastic band. The easiest way to get a cool top knot is to twist the pony into a bun and fix it in place with some bobby pins, tucking the ends. Apply some hair spray as a final step.

The top knot can also be a sophisticated option that can add drama and attitude for different special occasions. For an expensive-looking and elegant version, try a less messy look with a sleeker, almost perfect finish. Well, this time, opt for a tighter ponytail. Once you've scooped up your hair and made the bun, take the brush and using the smooth side run it over the front in order to avoid face-framing tendrils.

You can also try more complicated high buns by dividing the ponytail into two sections and knot the hair. Based on the length of your hair, you can knot again. Then, secure the bun pining the loose ends at the back using bobby pins. Lightly spray hair with hairspray.

Since the top knot is likely to be around for seasons to come, you can play a little with its styling and choose playful hair accessories to embellish this laid-back 'do. For bolder approaches, you can finish your top knot with bows, flowers, ribbons, headbands, or clips. So flirty, yet dressed up, the top knot has never looked so feminine and flirtatious!


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