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Enhance Your Looks With Permanent Make Up

Enhance Your Looks With Permanent Makeup
Permanent Makeup – the very idea sounds so appealing and why wouldn’t it be? You’ll never have to apply lip liner, eyeliner or use other penciled makeup techniques. Although it sounds very convenient but it is vital to understand that the decision of getting permanent makeup done is not a small one.

It is going to bring a big lifestyle change. Therefore, you must treat it as a big decision and find out all that you can, including its pros and cons so that you never have to regret later.

What Exactly Is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup is essentially a cosmetic technique that can be very well compared to tattooing. The top most layer of the epidermis is permanently pigmented. The process is also termed as micro-pigmentation or derma pigmentation.

Permanent make up is generally performed by a cosmetologist. However, you must ensure that the inks that are being used for permanent makeup are approved by the board of cosmetology and Department of Health.

Who Should Go For Permanent Makeup?
Natural and soft enhancement in appearance is something that everyone desires. Permanent makeup is highly beneficial for those people who are unable to use any cosmetics due to skin sensitivities and allergies. There is a second category of people who always stay active. Some people don’t want to compromise with their looks while they are hiking, swimming, playing or performing aerobics. It is especially great for those players who want to look attractive without worrying about sweating or reapplying cosmetics.

Those with vision or motor impairment may also go for cosmetic makeup as applying cosmetics can be difficult for them. Permanent Makeup is also ideal for those who want to diminish skin imperfections and camouflage scars. It is also well suited for those who want to reduce usage of conventional cosmetics. Permanent Makeup is also great for those who are seeking options that are both, economical as well as safe for skin.

Permanent Cosmetic Procedures
Enhance Your Looks With Permanent Make Up
Enhance Your Looks With Permanent Make Up
There are a number of ways in which a permanent cosmetic procedure can be performed. A traditional coil or tattoo machine can be used. The cosmetologist may also use rotary or pen machine or the hand method. Permanent cosmetic procedure includes the application of pigments and one or more follow ups may also be required. The follow-ups are required to adjust the density, color and shape of the pigment.

Permanent Makeup Pros
The first benefit of permanent makeup is of course that you never have to reapply makeup again. You can carry the makeup with you wherever you go and whatever you do. Another great benefit of permanent makeup is that it highlights your features.

Although application of foundation and few other cosmetic may be necessary even if permanent makeup has been done, but it will definitely reduce the amount of time you spend on getting ready.

Permanent makeup also helps you save a big amount of money on cosmetics. Moreover, permanent makeup never streaks, smears or becomes imperfect. This means you can carry a flawless look wherever you go, even if you keep washing your face very often.

Permanent Makeup Cons
One limitation with permanent makeup is that you can never change your style of makeup. Even if the cosmetics line or fashion keeps on changing, you’ll have to stick with limited choices. You may also feel restricted when you want to get a special look for some special event. Permanent makeup does not change and so the techniques of your makeup can do nothing more than accentuating you permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup also carries with itself the risk of infection or error. In case the cosmetologist or artist you’re getting the makeup done from makes a mistake, you may get a permanent flaw over your face. Moreover, you will end up wasting your money and time. This scar may not leave your face and infection may even damage the skin, eye or face.

Permanent makeup is after all a tattoo. It is important for you to realize that tattoos can always fade and if at all they fade, your makeup will starts looking dull. This means that you will either have to go for makeup reapplication or keep looking dull for the rest of your life.

Permanent Makeup Cost?
Although the cost of permanent makeup will vary depending on what area of the face you are getting treated, on an average, permanent makeup costs between $400-$800. Re-visits may additionally cost you somewhere around hundred and $150 to $250.

If you’re thinking of going for cosmetic makeup, the cost should not be the main issue. It is important for you to first consult a technician who has the required skills and training to deliver results that are perfect.
After-Effects Of Cosmetic Makeup

Some swelling around the area that has been treated or tattooed is normal. Bruising and bleeding may also be observed during the procedure and edema may also remain for anywhere between 2 – 72 hours. You may also feel a little tenderness for some days and the color appears to be much darker than your expectations for first few days. At times, people also develop reactions to antibiotics, so they must be taken only after consultation.

What To look For?
If you have decided to go for permanent makeup make sure you adhere to the following points:

• Needles used should be new and sterile. If any other machines are being used, they should also be sterilized first.
• Sanity should be maintained by the cosmetologist or tattoo artist.
• For each client, new gloves should be used and if required, the gloves should be changed during the procedure.
• The technician must adhere to all environmental safety requirements.
• The treatment area should be free of any contaminants.

A lot of people think that permanent makeup bestows an unnatural look. However, if an experienced technician, cosmetologist or permanent makeup artist is working on it, the permanent makeup application will deliver standard results and will also enhance your appearance.


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