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Makeup Tips: Lipstick Tips Every Woman Must Know

Makeup Tips: Lipstick Tips Every Woman Must Know
Makeup Tips: Lipstick Tips Every Woman Must Know
Lipstick is a favorite makeup cosmetic used by most women. If you love to wear lipstick and are interested in a few lipstick tips, then you have reached the right spot. Read on to learn 7 lipstick tips which every woman must know.

1 Storage of Lipsticks
Lipsticks usually melt in heat. The best place to keep your lipstick is the fridge. Keeping the lipstick in the fridge definitely helps to increase the life of the lipstick and your lipstick will certainly last longer.

2 Lipstick for Yellow Teeth
If your teeth are not white but a bit yellowish, simply stay away from dark brown and orange shades. Brown and orange lipstick shades make your teeth appear yellow. Alternatively, choose shades of plums, pinks, wines and violet

3 Broken Lipstick
Do not discard a broken lipstick , as you can easily fix it again. Simply light a match under the broken part of the lipstick and when the broken piece starts to melt place it on the base carefully. Turn down the lipstick quickly to make it stand and put it in the fridge for about 15 to 20 minutes without covering the lipstick with the cap.

4 Never cast off a lipstick shade
If you get a lipstick as a gift and you don’t like the shade don’t just discard it then and there. Be smart and make the best use of the gifted lipstick you dislike. Mix it and blend it with other shades of lipstick and create your very own new shade.

5 Women with Small Lips
You can easily make your lips look larger by practicing this great technique. Get your Vaseline or Lip gloss to work for you. Apply a little Vaseline or lip gloss just in the center of your bottom lip. This little trick brings the lips out perfectly, making them look larger. Women with small lips should try to avoid dark color lipsticks.

6 Women with Large Lips
If you have large lips, you should keep away from shiny lip glosses. Women with large lips need to stick to matte lipsticks only and should not use lip liner. Muted colors such as purples, browns and bronzes are best shades for large lips.

7 Tips to Make your lipstick last longer
After applying one coat of lipstick, blot the lipstick with the tissue paper and then simply apply another coat of lipstick . This is a very simple way to make your lipstick last long. Another way is exfoliating. Make your lips smooth and they will definitely hold lipstick for a longer time.
By now you’ve learned some amazing makeup tips, so get set to share these lipstick tips with your friends!
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