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How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Thicker and Longer Naturally

How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Thicker and Longer Naturally
How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Thicker and Longer Naturally
We all know that long and thick eyelashes not only makes your eyes look bigger; but also makes them attractive and beautiful. Though all of us are not born with long and thick eyelashes, there are many ways to create the illusion of long and thick eyelashes.

Mascara enhances the size of the lashes immensely. But there are some natural ways to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. Read on to learn about the various tips and tricks to get longer lashes you’ve always wanted and learn how to make them stand out.

Natural Remedies for longer Eyelashes
Natural Remedies are effective but may take some time to show results. I can assure you if you have the patience you will be really pleased with excellent eyelashes growth. To have longer and thicker eyelashes apply olive oil, castor oil, sweet almonds oil or Vaseline to your eyelashes regularly before going to bed to get the perfect eye lashes.

Few drops of either of these oils should be applied on the upper eye lid. Gently massage your eyelashes so that they are entirely covered with the oil. While applying take care that the oil does not enter into your eyes. Do this regularly every night before going to sleep, and wash off in the morning. Application of oil for longer lashes is best suited at night time.

Take proper Care of your Eyelashes
In order to possess long and thick eyelashes it is very important to treat your eyelashes with care. Do not rub your eyes at any time and always protect your eyes and eyelashes from excess dirt and dust by wearing glasses. To know more about the tips to take proper care of your eyelashes check How to prevent eyelashes for falling out .

Make up tricks for thicker and longer Eyelashes
Using False Eyelashes or applying Mascara is the only way to enhance your looks and get longer and thicker eyelashes in an instant. Though using false eyelashes is the quickest way to have longer and thicker eyelashes, most of the women are reluctant to use them. Here are few tips on how to use false eyelashes.

Before applying false eyelashes, make sure to first trim them to fit the length of your eyelid. It is very important to trim the false eyelashes appropriately to your eyes.                             

For fixing them dab a small amount of eyelash adhesive or glue onto the back of the false eyelash. Do not stick it immediately , but wait for a few seconds or until the glue starts to get a tacky feel. Apply the false eyelashes to your upper eyelid gently by pressing it into your eyelash line.

To make your false eyelashes look more natural, simply blend them using eye makeup. When the false eyelashes are rightly placed on your eyes , apply a line of eyeliner over the base of the false eyelashes to get a natural look.

Now you know the natural ways and the makeup secrets to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer, so what are you waiting for? Go and practice these tips and get set to flutter thicker and  longer eyelashes.
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