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Rose Flower Fairness Pack

Rose Flower Fairness Pack
Rose Flower Fairness Pack
Do you love Rose flowers! Then you can get the fairness of rose flowers. You don't need to run anywhere to increase your fairness. Rose flowers can help you to increase your fairness. Rose flower is an wonderful flower on Earth. You all know how rose water is produced.Fairness is the most wished desires of a woman. That is the reason fairness products are selling high.
Here is natural method to increase the fairness with rose petals.
If you have a rose plant in the garden you get enough flowers to make a fairness pack to increase your skin beauty. You can use any flower for your skin beauty for that matter. Here today I am giving you a recipe to make Rose flower fairness pack. Not only rose flower just use oats powder also. Together they become best combination for a face pack to increase your fairness.

When you use a homemade fairness face pack it is so mild and soft for your skin. No need to worry about the side effects and all. When you use a store bought product they use harsh chemicals as ingredients to get an instant result. But after a long period of use your skin gets affected with it. But when you use a natural fairness face pack and then you will know what are the ingredients. The result may not be that much instant. It may take three or more applications at least. But it won't affect your skin badly. The only thing you should take care is, after applying a face pack do not expose your skin to excess sun light. That is all. If you avoid other chemical products after applying natural packs is better.

Rose Flower Fairness Pack
Here I am suggesting you a special fairness face pack with rose flower. Rose is a gifted flower we can utilize for our skin beauty. Any colored rose flower can be used. You can use the whole parts of flower. Just clean the flower well. Pluck out the petals and the middle portion also. Use one or two flowers. Then you need 2-3 tsp. of powdered oats. Add drops of water and mix them to make a paste. Fairness pack is ready.

Before applying this fairness pack, clean your face with normal water. You can use raw milk as cleanser. Then use orange juice as toner. Then use a wet cotton to wipe your face. This is to take out clogged dirt from your skin. Then apply rose flower fairness pack all over the face. Make sure the pack reached every corner of your facial skin and if you want towards neck also. Wait for 10-15 min. then wash it off with cold water. Tissue dry and leave your skin like that for another 15 min.

I know you can see immediate result. The skin will get a natural glow. You can watch a white beautiful skin with extra fairness. But still you need to apply this fairness pack for three days consecutively for best results. Do not forget to take care of your skin for these days. Do not over expose your skin to sun. Avoid using other chemically manufactured products. Do not allow your skin to get dry. Wash or wet your face three four times. Do not use rough towels to wipe face. Yes now you will get a rosy textured facial skin naturally. Think about applying this rose flower fairness pack once in a week.


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