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Makeup for Christmas 2011

Makeup for Christmas 2011
Makeup for Christmas 2011
1. Prepare Skin:  Start with a freshly cleansed face and apply moisturiser to face and neck.  I always then apply a make-up primer.  It provides a smooth base for make-up and makes it last longer.

2. Base: choose a foundation that is right for your skin type in texture, colour and finish.  If you have relatively clear skin, some concealer or tinted moisturiser to cover minor blemishes or counteract any redness may be all you need, but if you have a more uneven skin tone then a foundation might be better.  Choose a shade as close to your natural skin colour as possible.  I like to apply foundation with my fingers as the warmth of the skin helps blend the product for a more natural finish.  You can use a make-up sponge to blend round the jaw line and hair line where necessary to avoid obvious lines.

3. Concealer: Apply concealer to areas that have not been successfully evened out by the foundation i.e. blemishes, spots,  and redness around the nose.  Match your concealer for your face to your foundation and donŸt apply to much as this can make the blemish more obvious.  The skin under the eyes is slightly lighter than the rest of the face.  I like to use a light reflecting concealer under the eyes to banish dark circles.  Beware of using one that is too light though as it can look chalky and give a panda eye effect.

4. Cheeks: If you like to use a cream blush, apply this before applying powder, otherwise it will clump together.  I also love using a highlighter under the brow bone and on top of the cheek bone. Blend well to give a radiant sheen.

5. Powder: A natural glow is nice, but I shiny face is not a good look! I like to use a dusting of translucent powder, applied with a big soft brush, to set the make-up so it does not melt off during the evening, and to take away unwanted shine especially on the T-zone.


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