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Top Tricks for Terrific Hair Color

Top Tricks for Terrific Hair Color
Top Tricks for Terrific Hair Color
By: Victoria Welch
The eyes might be the window to a person's soul, but you can tell a whole lot about an individual by her hair color. The hair color industry is booming - with men and women flocking to salons for professional treatments and others taking home boxes of color from beauty shops.

Many of us are coloring our hair, but that doesn't mean that everyone's getting a dye job done right. As is the case with any beauty regimen, there are tricks to getting the best possible look out of your color and making it look as if your artificial color is the real deal.

Sometimes, your skintone has a bigger say in your hair color than you do.
Have you been lusting after the red hair tones that have been heating up Hollywood? Scarlett Johansson, Evan Rachel Wood and Christina Ricci are among the celebrities that have recently dyed their hair red. Unfortunately, you're not going to have such a top-notch result if your skin does not have pink undertones.  Pink undertones help create that creamy pale complexion that most redheads work to maximum impact - yellow undertoned skin is harder to properly match to a red or auburn shade.

Going dark? Stop in the middle along the way.
You want to go from Kate Hudson sunshine blonde to Angelina Jolie beautiful brunette. Your hair might not necessarily be on board with you right away. It can take several attempts before hair properly takes color; the health and texture of your hair will impact color receptivity.
One good way to help your hair along is to find the middle ground of your color - in the Hudson-Jolie example, red would be the way to go. Even if it doesn't necessarily suit your overall look, you only need to rock the red for a couple of weeks. Your hair is more likely to take darker color that way and will be much less damaged by the drastic color change.

Blonde hair can be your skin's best friend.
Your golden locks not only evoke thoughts of the beach, they really do make your skin seem to glow. This also means that lighter hair is slightly more forgiving when it comes to skin blemishes. Darker hair provides a very sharp contrast to skin, which means that any imperfection stands out much more sharply.

Your hair color definitely does impact your entire look.
While you think about changing your hair color, seriously consider the impact your new shade will have on the rest of your style. Because a different hair color will draw out different aspects of your skin and facial features, odds are good that your regular makeup routine will require a shift - from the pink hues of a blonde's cosmetic look to the peach shades of a redhead, for instance.
Your wardrobe similarly needs to be prepared. If you wear a lot of black and are ready to dye your hair dark, consider investing in at least a few colorful accessories - you don't want your edgy look to be mistaken for goth. If you're going red, be prepared to set aside certain shades of red, orange and pink; look instead for rich blues and greens.
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