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Simple Day Time Eye Makeup Look

Simple Day Time Eye Makeup Look
Simple Day Time Eye Makeup Look
 For a lovely day look, today i will explain the easy steps to making your eyes look brighter and natural.
Apply Liquid foundation on your eye lids till your brown bone. Use your natural shade colour. Pat on top with a powder foundation that matches your skin tone aswell, to give your eyelids a matte look.

Fill in your brow with your natural brow colour. In an another post i will explain how to fill in brows professionally aswell. You can use either use matte eyeshadow powder with a small angled brush and fill in or use a cream pencil and a think small tip brush.
Next, shape your eyes with a black eye liner. You can draw a small flick in the end. Start from the outer corner and work your way to the inside. When starting from the outer corner, make a small flick and then work your way in. I will also put a detailed post on later for how to how apply an eyeliner.
Then apply a thick coat of Volumnizing mascara on the top lashes. Brush your brow upwards.
Apply a white eyepencil on the inner corner of your eye.
Apply white matte eyeshadow powder under your eyes in a triangle from your one end of the eye to the other.

Source: just4girlspk.blogspot.com


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