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Makeup Basics - Eyeliner Types

Makeup Basics - Eyeliner Types
Makeup Basics - Eyeliner Types
Because women have different needs and make-up needs to be softer during the day and more obvious during the evening different types of eyeliners have been developed. Find out which eyeliner suits your needs best.

Make-up is a girls best friend and it can be used to enhance certain facial features. Eye make-up can draw attention towards the eyes, making them appear better defined, thus complementing your look.
Eyeliner has been used since ancient times because of it's eye enhancing properties. It was used to contour and enhance the eyes making them pop. Depending on how it is applied, eyeliner can make the eyes appear bigger or smaller. The eyeliner should be applied according to the eye shape.

The cosmetic industry is constantly improving and discovering new and better formulas for the cosmetic products. People look for different things when it comes to cosmetic products this is why sometimes certain cosmetic can be found under different forms. This is exactly the case of the eyeliner.
It is a piece which seems will never go out of style and it is used by more and more people. Eyeliners can be found under different forms to suit everyone's preferences:

Pencil eyeliner
Pencil eyeliners are the most commonly used eyeliner of all, because of it's versatility and easy use. They come in a variety of colors making them appropriate for every day wear. Pencil eyeliners are great to use especially for beginners because of the harder tip, but precise way the eyes can be lined. Any smudges can be easily fixed with a cotton swab.

Kohl Eyeliner
Kohl eyeliner is most popular in India, and certain countries from the middle east. This type of eyeliner has been tracked back to the Bronze age. It is used because it can be homemade in the countries that still use it and it allows a smooth and easy application.

Liquid eyeliner
Liquid eyeliners are great because they help create a more dramatic look. Due to the fact that the formula is liquid it helps create brighter and more visible lines. Liquid eyeliners are a little bit more difficult to use by beginners. The soft brush needs to be steered by a steady hand to obtain a perfectly smooth and straight line. The great thing about it is that with practice everything turns out to be very easy.

Gel eyeliner
Gel eyeliners are one of the newest eyeliners available. There are a variety of shades available to suite every preference. Gel eyeliners are easy to apply using a hard angled brush. The brush is simply dipped into the gel and applied as close to the lash line as desired. Gel eyeliners are very delicate on the eyes so they are becoming more and more popular.
Eyeliners will never go out of style just because of their benefits. They can be applied over or under the eyeshadow, or simply over the lid. Either way the eyes will look gorgeously defined and contoured. 

 Source: becomegorgeous.com


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