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Lovely Feminine Nail Art Designs

Lovely Feminine Nail Art Designs
Lovely Feminine Nail Art Designs
Are you tired of your old nail designs? If so, take a peek at the following nail art ideas so you can get inspired and make your nails look fabulous!

Nail art is one of the most amazing and complex ways to upgrade the beauty of your hands as along time a variety of new techniques have been developed in order to allow women to be more diverse when it comes to nail polish as well.

There are a variety of nail art designs to choose from but it seems that the most popular designs however remain the lovely feminine nail art designs which attract only positive attention towards the hands and enhance their beauty. Hands, opposite to what some people might think play a very important role in physical appearance as they are always visible so they will be among the first things people will observe. This is one of the reasons why women choose to get their manicure done by themselves or by a manicurist.

Choosing the right nail polish color and design is a must as not all women can sport the same nail art design and color as skin tone and nail shape can influence the result of your manicure.

Because finding a design which will suit you perfectly might not be easy since there are so many designs to choose from, we have selected a few lovely feminine nail art designs to inspire yourself from:
Flowers nail art

What else can top the femininity and beauty of flowers?! Nowadays there are a variety of methods you can select in order to obtain a flower nail art design and the results obtained are fabulous you can choose tiny or oversized flowers, multi-colored or simple colored flowers, single or multiple flowers, different types of flower designs and so on. The possibilities are endless and the results are each fabulous as long as the design is performed right. You can choose to pain the flowers on your nails, use nail stickers or inserts dried flowers into your gel nail(nail polish can difficultly cover the dry flowers).

Choose the colors which suit you best and you'll look great!

Glitter nail art
Glitter is back in style and we couldn't love this more as glitter is fun, feminine and manages to capture a generous amount of attention. It is absolutely amazing the things you can do with a little bit of glitter, so go bold and mix and match if you prefer a very powerful look or go subtle by choosing to apply the glitter on the tip of your nail only.

There are a variety of glitter nail shades to choose from so mix and match and experiment until you find whichever glitter nail art suits you best.

French manicure

French nails are elegant, simple and refines so they would suit perfect any woman at any age. This nail design is among the most popular nail designs chosen by women and there is no surprise why. Creating a French manicure is not difficult; with a little bit of practice one can become a master at creating this fabulous manicure. Choose a matte white nail polish for your tip and coat it with a transparent beige, pearl, pink or violet top coat for the desired result. Either way your nails will look outstanding and will make you look great at ant occasion. For a little bit of a twist you can add lace into your manicure if you have gel nails and this will look great or apply some cute gems along the shape of the tip!



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