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How to Style Milkmaid Braids

How to Style Milkmaid Braids
How to Style Milkmaid Braids
With sun up in the sky and flowers blooming around us, it's time to get flirty and take our hair up. Whether you're going at the beach or on a hot date, milkmaid braids are effortlessly cool and chic for an easy summer styling. You can have fun and learn how to style milkmaid braids for a great warm weather look.

The best thing about milkmaid braids is that they work amazingly well for different occasions as they are extremely versatile. And as a proof just take a look at all those celebs who take this simple 'do on the red carpet. Therefore, with the warmer weather finally here, draw your inspiration from your favorite celebrities, learn how to style milkmaid braids and get ready to rock this trend.

This summer, if you want to create a special, bohemian hairstyle for long hair, look no further than these adorable, oh-so-romantic milkmaid braids. Despite its apparent simplicity, this 'do can transform your appearance from day to night in an instant. Besides, milkmaid braids are perfect if you want a sophisticated yet utterly fresh and fun style that doesn't look too done. And what's even greater is that they take just a few minutes to make them. Wearing their hair into playful braids are Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Richie.

Sienna Miller
Jennifer Lopez
Mary-Kate Olsen
Nicole Richie
Styling milkmaid braids is so easy and you can get a natural, lovely look in not time. They are so pretty and practical keeping your hair away from your face. The best thing you can do is to make them closer to the forehead. If your hair is not long enough in order to create these girly yet so feminine braids, you can use a hair extension.

Start by making a center parting and divide your hair into two equal sections. Plait the two sections, making beautiful braids and secure them with elastic bands. Next, it's time to take the end of each braid and overlap them over the crown of your head, toward the opposite ear, just like a headband. First, take one braid and wrap it behind the hairline and across the top of your head and secure it with bobby pins. Then, repeat the action with the other braid, but make sure you tuck it under the first braid, securing with a bobby pin. Secure the braids in the center using more pins and apply some hair spray. For a more natural aspect, the trick is to loosen the braids a little.

Inject some color and a boho vibe with different hair accessories such as sparkly barrettes for a special event or adorable floral clips in summer. Or, if you want you can try milkmaid braids interwoven with colorful strips of fabric (Rachel Roy Fall 2011). How to create this look? After dividing your hair into two sections and each section into three parts, take a thin strip of fabric and weave it through the braid. So easy yet stunning, chic and fun!

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy

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