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How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy

How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy
How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy
Every women dreams of long beautiful nails. Many women have trouble growing out their nails because they become brittle and they may crack or bend. There are ways to keep your nails strong and healthy so they look beautiful.

Moisturize: It is important to moisturize your hands and your nails often. Baby oil and lotion work wonders for maximizing nail care.

Drink Milk: Milk promotes strong bones, teeth, hair and nails. Drink a cup of milk in the morning with your breakfast and a cup of milk for dinner. You will soon notice that your brittle nails will quickly become very strong.

Don’t Bite: Refrain from biting your nails. If it is a bad habit, try chewing on a piece of gum. Not only is it bad for your nails and teeth, it is also bad for your health as your nails are extremely dirty.

Avoid Tight Shoes: If you are trying to grow out your toenails as well, it is important to avoid tight shoes as it will constrict the nails and prevent them from growing. It can also cause infection behind your nails.
Get Manicures and Pedicures often: Sometimes our nails need a little tender loving care. Go see a professional to get a manicure and pedicure often. They will push the cuticles back on your hands and help promote healthy growth. They may even help with any ingrown nails that you may have problems with. You may ask them for tips to help your nails grow quickly.

Wash Your Hands: Washing your hands is important however it is important not to over wash them as they can dry out. Your nails will have a better chance at growing if they are free of fungus, which can easily grow behind your nails. After you wash your hands, be sure to moisturize them right after.

Take Vitamins: If you have tiny white marks on your nails it is a sign that you are lacking vitamins. These white marks could also mean that your nail has had a minor injury as well. Make sure you are taking your vitamins to keep your nails strong and healthy.

There are many ways to keep your nails in great condition so they can condition to grow healthy and strong. If you have succeeded at growing your nails out, it is important to maintain healthy nail care to keep them in great condition. Remember to paint your nails to make them look beautiful.


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