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Eye Makeup Tips Which Every Woman Must Know

Eye Makeup Tips Which Every Woman Must Know
Eye Makeup Tips Which Every Woman Must Know
Eye makeup can really make a difference to your overall appearance. Eyes are indeed a key feature of your face and receive more attention than other parts of your face. Therefore, it is essential to spend some extra time to enhance the beauty of your eyes in order to get a gorgeous look.

A lot of women have a basic or no idea on how to apply eye makeup to get the perfect look. The good news is that there are some simple tips and tricks for eye makeup which can really add a difference to your looks. Read on to learn about the eye makeup tips which every woman must know.

One of the biggest and common mistakes which women make in their eye makeup is using the wrong eye shadow. The rule is not to apply the eye shadow matching to the clothing or accessories. You need to keep in mind your skin tone, color of your hair and eyes while choosing the eye shadow. Redheads look great in peach, pink, and copper eye shadows. Blonds look lovely in pastels. Brown and black haired women can wear pretty much anything.

Women, whose eyes are set back, should use light colors to make their eyes appear forward. Women with narrow eyes should do their makeup applications that go beyond the farthest corner of the eye from the nose. Protruding eyes and large eyes should apply warm colors, on the other hand small eyes should opt for shine and shimmer , but no black.


Basic Tips and Tricks for Eye makeup

    1/ Eyeliner is a great way to add depth to your eyes and gives a perfect  definition to your lash line. The best way to apply eyeliner is by holding the eyelid skin taut with your fingertips of one hand and draw a fine line as very close to the lash line with the other hand. The key to perfect eyeliner application is a steady hand. So practice till the time you get confident and have a steady hand.
    2/  For a soft smoky look, simply smudge the edge of the line with the smear end of the eyeliner pencil and to have that natural beauty look, extend a very fine line to the innermost part of the upper lid.
    3/ Lining the lower lashes helps to get the dramatic look and also makes your eyes appear look bigger and beautiful.
    4/ The perfect eye shadows for brown eyes are slate, blue, grey and plum. Pink, salmon, mauve and brownish pink look great on green eyes. Brown, camel and taupe shades are best suited for blue eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve have been using makeup for years, or are just beginning. It is indeed important to know the basic eye makeup tricks which can really help to enhance your overall look.

Always remember to avoid too much eye makeup in daylight in particular. You can be more dramatic and playful at night and go for bold eye makeup. By now you know the various tips and tricks on eye makeup so choose what you like the most and practice your make up application till it’s perfect.
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