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Edgy Eye Makeup Ideas

Edgy Eye Makeup Ideas
Edgy Eye Makeup Ideas
By: Aysha Schurman
All it takes to give an edgier look to your eye makeup, is take a few of these eye makeup ideas and experiment with colors outside your normal palette. Push the makeup boundaries further by playing with eyeliner color, application techniques and colored mascara.
Here are a few ideas:

For something really wild and sumptuous, try pairing up eyeliner colors to create a double line. Pick the base eyeshadow color and apply. Add some gold eyeshadow behind your eyelid and blend lightly.
Use a thick line of dark mahogany eyeliner, and then draw a thin gold line over it, near the lashes. Add some fake eyelashes or gold mascara on the tips of your lashes. This technique definitely makes your eyes stand out and get noticed.

For very gothic eye makeup, go with black, black and black. If you use eyeshadow, stick to dark and smoky shades. Line each eye, top and bottom, in black eyeliner. Add a few coats of jet black mascara and you're finished.

Sometimes it's all about the drama, and your eyes are no exception. Cover your eyelid and area below the eyebrow with a shimmering eyeshadow a little lighter than your natural skin tone. Make sure it looks even and doesn't start too close to your nose.
Add a very light dusting of any fun eyeshadow hue to the eyelid, such as lilac or jade. The light eyeshadow and fun eyeshadow should combine and result in a very light version of the fun color.
Carefully line your eyes with glittery silver eyeliner. Do not use the eyeliner at the front of the eye, near the nose. Start back a tiny bit and line both the upper and lower lid. Have the lines meet in a small point on the outside of each eye to give a subtle cat-eye effect. Now apply your black mascara, dust a little silver glitter over your eyelids and you're good to go.
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