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Chic Nail Art Designs

Chic Nail Art Designs
Chic Nail Art Designs
Make the best out of your nails as well manicured nails can flawlessly complete your stylish appearance. Nail art designs have now become a must have, so keep up with the latest trends by sporting some of the hottest nail art designs of the season. Check out the following designs and let your imagination run wild so you can come up with your own original designs.
Nail art designs are no longer a caprice but a definite must have for any fashionista, so if you're ready to spice up your look, check out the following chic nail art designs. New season nail art designs contribute to the stylish appearance of your outfit, so if you wish to make your outfit look even hotter, opt for a cool and 'out there' nail art design that will make you feel amazing.

The Charmingnails blog gives us great inspiration when it comes to new season nail art, with nail art designs being very up to date and with just the right amount of diversity and sophistication to attract attention like a magnet.

The easiest way to a gorgeous ultra seductive manicure is by opting for floral details and stylish fine lines. Create your own floral motifs using a nail art brush or try the effortless way to a manicure by opting for dried flower add-ons or nail art stickers. Regardless of your choice, the result will be lovely, just make sure to opt for cool color combos that look enviable. Try mate as well as sparkly, metallic color combos and color coordinating to make sure your stylish floral mani doesn't go by unnoticed.

Cool prints will definitely add a bit of an edge to your look and this season the hottest prints are polka dots as well as animal prints. Creating leopard, tiger and snakeskin prints is super easy as long as you have the right tools, but if you're not too skilled in doing your own sophisticated style manicure, turn towards nail art foils, stamping tools and stickers, the results obtained being magnificent. Add-ons such as rhinestones and glitter can give your nails a boost of sexiness and glamor, so go bold and experiment as the new nail art designs know no limitation.

One way you can't go wrong when it comes to your manicure is by opting for a simple manicure or a cool color combo that falls well within the boundaries of the new nail color trends. Purple, black, pink and electric blue are super popular nail polish hues that you can use individually or combined to add that stylish appearance to your nails. A shatter coat or a bit of glitter can drastically transform your nail polish into a super fancy nail color, so experiment and find your best match.

Source: becomegorgeous.com


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