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2011-2012 hair and makeup trends

2011-2012 hair and makeup trends
2011-2012 hair and makeup trends
The hair and makeup trends for 2011
The summer is yet to come, but on the catwalk are the latest hair and makeup trends for fall and winter of 2011 spotted. Take a peek at the upcoming trends for makeup and hairdo’s.

Full eyebrows
For fuller brows are better for this season. This trend is here to stay, because we wrote about it earlier. Put your eyebrows with a color darker than your hair color for a look full of power. Or just put them lightly with a softer color for a sweet look.

Eyeliner and eye pencil
Very precise, narrow edges are no longer required. Put your eyeliner thick at the top of your eyes and white eye pencil on under your eyes. The same goes for black eye pencil, it can also be turned thicker. Or go for a bolder look. Put a black eye pencil with a line in your arcade arch and wipe it over your entire eyelid.

2011-2012 hair and makeup trends

Do not blush to your cheeks, but only for your eyes, for example in your crease. Or dab a bit on your lips with a clear lip gloss over it. The trendy colors of the autumn and winter are pink, peach and purple-gray color.

Use lots of mascara to your eyelashes to turn and make it look fuller. Bring not only mascara on your upper lashes, but also on the bottom row of hairs. And give your lashes that extra touch by just a little gray shadow around your lashes to make.

Go for the natural look and not hide behind a thick skin foundation. Keep your face just as natural as possible and camouflage pimples and other spots with a little concealer.

2011-2012 hair and makeup trends

For the color on your lips is all or nothing next season. Or go for a natural look and bring color to your lips soft, or just put your mouth with thick, for example, deep red lipstick.

You can enjoy casual hairdo’s. For example, create a tail and let loose with some tufts of your ears, bring some loose curls with a curling iron for more volume or wear your hair down with a middle parting.


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