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Makeup For Busy Women

Makeup For Busy Women
Makeup For Busy Women
No matter what profession a woman is in, she would want to look beautiful but she will complain of not having enough time to put on a great makeup. But it need not be so.

Good makeup is like a fine art; you need a clean canvas to start off your makeup application, which is your face. Prepare the necessary facial skin care products before you begin.

Simple Makeup Steps
First, cleanse your face and put on a good moisturizer to enable your foundation to stay.

Next, put on some concealer to hide dark circles or skin discoloration. It can also be some skin color foundation that will match the tone of your skin perfectly. Check if the foundation color is right by applying a bit under your jaw line; that area is better than the hand or cheek which most people tend to do. This will reveal the suitability of the foundation to your skin. It should be an invisible layer on your face.

For oily skins, try using water-based or oil-free foundations. For dry skins, the best choice is a rich cream or liquid foundation. A good foundation should be invisible on your face without looking like a mask.

Then, put on the loose powder on your face; a lightweight powder is a better choice as it gets absorbed than lay on top of your skin. Being absorbed into your skin allows your makeup to last the whole day. The best way to put on loose powder is through using a big makeup brush. Move in circular motions to have the powder evenly distributed on your face. The powder color should match the tone of your skin well. Dust off excess powder with your hand. Many like a matte finish for a trendy look.

The next step in applying great makeup is to apply some cream or powder blush on your cheeks. Use a soft brush to blend the blush into your powder for a natural look. If you need to take off some color, use a moist sponge to dab gently on the area until the color you want is displayed.

The following step in making up is to put on the lipstick. Choose the lipstick color that matches your skin tone, hair color and eyes. Softer colors are preferred for day wear while darker colors are favored for the night.
The last step is the eye shadow; choose an appropriate color for your function and dress. For an extra highlight to your eyes, apply a slight tinge of shimmer beneath your eyebrow with some thick but even mascara on your eyelashes.

Further Makeup Considerations
Different women have different preference on makeup steps. Others like to decide on how much makeup is needed to apply on their face before they start. Depending on the occasion, some women are happy with a slap of lipstick while others may touch a coat of mascara on their lashes. Busy working women who are in their office most of the time should have some form of makeup to keep themselves looking lovely and fresh while women athletes don’t.

Making up is a simple process; hence, there is no need to have too many makeup items in your makeup box. This will take up too much of your time to go through the many steps of makeup. It will be a waste of money too if you don’t use some products all the time. Hence, it is better to clear your makeup kit of unnecessary items such as those which are not frequently used or have not been used often.

With a busy schedule, busy women will not be stressed looking at the many makeup items in their makeup kit every day.

The time spent on your makeup is dependent on how much makeup you want on your face. You may also want to change your makeup style sometimes to speed up your makeup time. This will give you more time for other important tasks. You will put your makeup on faster when you are more familiar with your makeup routines.

Covering up problem areas with makeup allows you to be quicker on doing up your makeup than doing up your entire face. Change your makeup products if the current makeup set is not satisfactory to your total makeup requirements.

Experiment a little with your makeup process over the weekend when you have more time. This type of experimentation will help you discover shorter makeup procedures to reduce your makeup time.

If you are really short of time but you need to put on make up, apply a lighter tone foundation to help hide any flaw on your face. Then brush lightly on your cheeks before putting a lipstick or lip gloss. It just takes 10 minutes or less.

Be Creative and Be Confident
With the basic beauty and makeup tips, you can be as creative as you dare to be depending on the time you have to try out new styles. There are plenty of great eye shadow and lipstick colors for you to check out. These will allow you a better choice for the different functions that may come along your way once in a while.

You can try out all these great colors when you are window shopping. Then you can add on new clothing pieces to suit the new colors chosen. Try dark colored pieces or some glittering tops with a dark eye shadow for a night out.

Try some waterproof mascara if you plan to go for a swimming date. You will continue to look great in and out of the waters.

Affordable makeup products
There are many cosmetic products for your choosing. You can easily find the right ones that will fit your budget. No matter how busy you are, you will enjoy some time out to shop for the right makeup products for yourself. Practice makes perfect with any makeup process. You will get better with the makeup skills; so will your looks!


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