Marine and Vibrating Nail Art

Some would also flirt with the idea of sporting complete marine stories on their nails. The complex designs address nail artist pros who are keen to challenge their skills to a similar project and create out-of-the-ordinary designs. Others might still stick to the aquatic elements and appeal the the endless nail polish shades of blue as well as underwater floral motifs. These would add a more breezy and enchanting impression to your nails and would help you complete the summer and ocean vibe of your outfit. Choose the right designs for your nail length as well as skin tone.

Lighter tones would attract immediate attention whereas the deeper shades would create a more moderate and less prominent still artistic effect. You should not forget about the neon and vibrating nail art as it is extremely popular during the hot season. Consider your favorite shades and copycat this simple zig-zag style nail art design with the proper manicure tools. Combine the various shades to pull off a more complex and versatile look.