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5 Amazing Tips To Apply Mineral Eye Make Up

5 Amazing Tips To Apply Mineral Eye Make Up
5 Amazing Tips To Apply Mineral Eye Make Up
There is sudden shift of most of the woman from normal make up products to the use of mineral makeup products to apply the makeup. The reason for this is quite obvious that the mineral make up is much safe for the skin.

Now days most of the woman are facing many skin problems like marks freckles, sun burns, premature aging etc. The reason for this is the use of makeup products which contain harmful chemicals which cause various flaws in the skin.

These chemicals are so harsh that in the extreme cases they can even lead to permanent damage to the skin. Nowadays because of these problems people are getting more and more conscious about the use of products which have safe ingredients.

Eyes are very delicate organ of the body so it is very essential to apply mineral make only on eyes to save them from ill effects of the harmful chemicals. It is very essential that you know right ways to apply the mineral make up on eyes for the desired beautiful effect.

Right application adds to the beautiful effect and helps to impart sexy and attractive look to the eyes. Eyes are the most expressive features of the face. Beautiful make up of the eyes can give a killing look. So, follow the following tips and see the difference in the way you attract people with your stunning looking eyes.

Apply Moisturise
Mineral make up comes in powder form so first step before the application of this make up is to apply a moisturiser. Choose the moisturiser according to the skin type. If this step is ignore then this type of makeup will look too artificial on the dry skin and on oily skin this type of make will tend to melt away.

It is very essential to wait for at least 8- 10 minutes after the application of moisturiser. Let the skin absorb the moisturiser and give the skin some time to prepare for the application of the mineral make up.

Choose The Right Mineral Eye Makeup Products
For the right look of the eyes it is very essential that you choose right makeup products. Going in for mineral makeup means applying chemical free products on the face while doing the makeup. You really need to check that the ingredients in these products are actually natural or not.

Never buy the mineral make up products without checking its composition. Also, buy the products according to the skin type otherwise these products can also harm the skin, for example using oily mineral make up products on acne prone skin can result in worsening the situation of acne.

So, keep in mind the quality and type of skin in your mind. Moreover, the skin of the eyes is very thin and delicate. So it’s very important to choose the makeup products of the eye make very carefully. Investing in good eye makeup mineral products will be beneficial for your beautiful eyes in the long run.

Apply Eye Shadow
The next step is to apply the foundation to form a base for the makeup. Then apply eye shadow with the help of the brush. Make sure you use a clean and sterilised brush otherwise the bacteria and germs on the brush can result in the skin infections.

It is very important to dust off the extra eye shadow before the application. First try and use a lighter shade of the eye shadow. When you are sure that you are applying it in a right way then apply the darker tone over it and blend it very well. Just damp the brush a little to let the shadow stay and blend on the brow. Make sure you don’t apply heavy coats of eye shadow as this will just end up giving you a very artificial and not so beautiful look.

Don’t forget to match the shades of eye shadows of both the eyelids. This is the most important thing as ignoring or paying less attention on this step can just spoil the all over look. Choose the colour of the eye shadow according to the colour of the dress you are wearing and the colour of your lip stick which you are applying.

Go In For An Eye Liner Or Kohl
Apply the eyeliner very carefully and make a very fine line. The colour of the eye liner should be chosen according to the dress and colour of the rest of the makeup. Instead of trying the typical black or brown shades you can also experiment with the shades of blues or maroons for a more interesting look.

But make sure that the shades of eye shadow and the eye liner are distinct. Follow the eyeliner with the application of mascara. You can apply two coats of mascara also for a better look. Give a nice curl to the eye lashes to add beauty to the look of the eyes.

Take Professional Help
It is not that you can apply the mineral make up on the eyes perfectly in one try only. It really needs lot of practice, effort and concentration to apply the mineral make up perfectly on the eyes. If this type of makeup is not applied in the right way then you can not only loose the natural beauty of the look of the eyes but also make them look very ugly.

If trying is unsuccessful, it is always a better option to go in for professional help. Makeup artists can guide you better and give you a practical knowledge about the application of the mineral make up on the eyes. So, don’t be hesitant to take the help of the professionals.

There is no doubt that one can use the mineral makeup very safely on the eyes. This type of makeup doesn’t cause irritation or itchiness on the delicate skin of the eyes. So, you can use this make up on the eyes without any hesitation. Be very careful while applying it as it is not like normal make up. Its right application can give your eyes the perfect spark which can make you look centre of attraction.


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